Toyota Supra JZA80

Outside vehicle

These are maintenance and inspection items which are considered to be the owner’s responsibility.
They can be done by the owner or they can have them done at a service shop.
These items include those which should be checked on a daily basis, those which, in most cases, do not require (special) tools and those which are considered to be reasonable for the owner to do.
Items and procedures for general maintenance are as follows.

  1. General notes
    • Maintenance items may vary from country to country. Check the owner’s manual supplement in which the maintenance schedule is shown.
    • Every service item in the periodic maintenance schedule must be performed.
    • Periodic maintenance service must be performed according to whichever interval in the periodic maintenance schedule occurs first, the odometer reading (miles) or the time interval (months).
    • Maintenance service after the last period should be performed at the same interval as before unless otherwise noted.
    • Failure to do even one item an cause the engine to run poorly and increase exhaust emissions.
  2. Tires
    1. Check the pressure with a gauge. If necessary, adjust.
    2. Check for cuts, damage, uneven or excessive wear.
  3. Wheel nuts
    When checking the tires, check the nuts for looseness or for missing nuts. If necessary, tighten them.
  4. Windshield wiper blades
    Check for wear or cracks whenever they do not wipe clean. If necessary, replace.
  5. Fluid leaks
    1. Check underneath for leaking fuel, oil, water or other fluid.
    2. If you smell gasoline fumes or notice any leak, have the cause found and corrected.
  6. Doors and engine hood
    1. Check that all doors and the tailgate operate smoothly, and that all latches lock securely.
    2. Check that the engine hood secondary latch secures the hood from opening when the primary latch is released.
This guide is based on the book edition Toyota (RM502U, 1997)