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Toyota Supra JZA80

Oil nozzle 2JZ-GTE



  1. Remove crankshaft (See page EM-71 )
  2. Remove oil nozzles (with relief valves)


Inspect relief valves (oil nozzles)
Push the valve with a wooden stick to check if it is stuck.
If stuck, replace the relief valve.


  1. Install oil nozzles (with relief valves) Using a 5 mm hexagon wrench, install the oil nozzle with the bolt. Install the 6 oil nozzles.
    Torque: 9.0 N·m (90 kgf·cm, 80 in.·lbf)
  2. Install crankshaft (See page EM-88 )
This guide is based on the book edition Toyota (RM502U, 1997)