Toyota Supra JZA80


  1. Inspect steering linkage
    1. Check the steering wheel freeplay. (See page SR-8 )
    2. Check the steering linkage for looseness or damage.
      Check that:
      • Tie rod ends do not have excessive play.
      • Dust seals and boots are not damaged.
      • Boot clamps are not loose.
  2. Inspect SRS airbag (Seep page RS-9 )
  3. Inspect steering gear housing oil
    Check the steering gear housing for oil leakage.
  4. Inspect ball joint dust covers
    Visually check the dust covers for damage.
  5. Inspect transmission oil (fluid) and differential oil
    Visually check the transmission and differential for oil (fluid) leakage.
    If leakage is found, check for the cause and repair it.
  6. Replace manual transmission oil
    (W58: See page MT-4 )
    (V160: See page MT-3 )
  7. Replace automatic transmission fluid
    (2JZ-GE: See page AT-2 )
    (2JZ-GTE: See page AT-2 )
  8. Replace differential oil (See page SA-60 )
This guide is based on the book edition Toyota (RM502U, 1997)