Toyota Supra JZA80


  1. Inspect brake line pipes and hoses
    Check in a well lighted area. Check the entire circumference and length of the brake hoses using a mirror as required. Turn the front wheels fully right or left before checking the front brake.
    1. Check all brake lines and hoses for:
      • Damage
      • Wear
      • Deformation
      • Cracks
      • Corrosion
      • Leaks
      • Bends
      • Twists
    2. Check all clamps for tightness and connections for leakage.
    3. Check that the hoses and lines are clear of sharp edges, moving parts and the exhaust system.
    4. Check that the lines installed in grommets pass through the center of the grommets.
  2. Inspect front and rear brake pads and discs
    • Front: See page BR-23
    • Rear: See page BR-43
    • Front: See page BR-26
    • Rear: See page BR-46
    If a squealing or scraping noise comes from the brake during driving, check the pad wear indicator to see if it is contacting the disk rotor. If so, the disk pad should be replaced.
  3. Inspect parking brake linings and drums (See page BR-62 )
This guide is based on the book edition Toyota (RM502U, 1997)