Toyota Supra JZA80


  1. Tighten bolts and nuts on chassis and body
    Tighten these parts:
    • Front seat - to -body mounting bolts
      Torque: 37 N·m (375 kgf·cm, 27 ft·lbf)
    • Front suspension member-to-body mounting nuts
      Front side 125 N·m (1,280kgf·cm,92 ft·lbf)
      Rear side 200 N·m (2,040 kgf·cm,148ft·lbf)
    • Rear suspension member-to-body mounting bolts
      Torque: 175 N·m (1,790 kgf·cm, 129 ft·lbf)
    • Rear suspension member rear cushion - to - body mounting bolts
      Torque: 58 N·m (590 kgf·cm, 43 ft·lbf)
  2. Final inspection
    1. Check the operation of the body parts:
      • Hood:
        Auxiliary catch operate properly
        Hood locks securely when closed
      • Front doors:
        Door lock operates properly
        Doors close properly
      • Back door:
        Door lock operates properly
      • Seats:
        Seat adjusts easily and locks securely in any position
        Front seat back locks securely in any position
        Folding-down rear seat backs lock securely
    2. Road test:
      • Check the engine and chassis for abnormal noises.
      • Check that the vehicle does not wander or pull to one side.
      • Check that the brake work properly and do not drag.
      • Perform setting of the parking brake shoes and disc.
    3. Be sure to deliver a clean car. especially check:
      • Steering wheel
      • Shift lever knob
      • All switch knobs
      • Seats
This guide is based on the book edition Toyota (RM502U, 1997)