Toyota Supra JZA80

For vehicles equipped with traction control (TRAC) system

When using a 2 wheel drum tester such as a speedometer tester or chassis dynamometer, etc., or jacking up the rear wheels and driving the wheels, always push in the TRAC cut (”TRAC OFF”) switch and turn the TRAC system OFF.

Confirm TRAC system is off

  1. Press the TRAC cut (”TRAC OFF”) switch.
  2. Check that the TRAC OFF indicator light comes on when the TRAC system is turned off by the TRAC cut switch.
    The TRAC OFF indicator light should always operate right after the engine is restarted.
  3. Begin measurements.
  4. Press the TRAC cut switch again to change the TRAC to operative and check that the TRAC OFF indicator light goes off.
    The SLIP indicator light blinks when the TRAC system is operative.
This guide is based on the book edition Toyota (RM502U, 1997)